Buying a New Black Cab ~ Part 2

Part 2 ~ The Peugeot E7

There are only 2 choices available at present in Norwich the TX4 reviewed in part 1  available from The London Taxi Company & the Peugeot E7. The decisions by Norwich City Council to pass the E7 came in the wake of Cab Direct’s landmark victory at High Court in July after originally failing the E7 to become a hackney taxi cab in Norwich, it has now somewhat opened the door for other makes to apply. How long will it be before we have Fiat, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz hackney cabs on the streets of Norwich City?  Norwich taxi driver  Bob Clarke loves his E7 that he purchased through Cab Direct last summer!

The Peugeot E7

Designed and manufactured jointly by Peugeot and Cab Direct, reliability and performance are hallmarks of the E7’s success in the hard-working UK hackney taxi fleet. The secret of that success lies in a vehicle that is newly purpose-built, combining a class-leading engine, drive train and vehicle body, all designed to work in perfect harmony. The raised driver position plus large area windscreen and side windows create exceptional visibility, especially useful in busy traffic so our drivers tell us at A2B Taxis Norwich . Similarly the large area tailgate window provides enhanced rear visibility which, together with  full-size wide angle door mirrors, will make your life as easy as possible. Add to this Peugeot’s latest electro hydraulic speed-sensitive power-steering, an ultra-smooth six-speed gearbox and the legendary responsiveness of the HDi engine and you have a nimble and manoeuvrable cab that’s ideal for the busiest traffic conditions.

Getting more miles per gallon with excellent fuel economy is an added advantage over the TX4 but on the downside it does not have the world famous turning circle of the TX4 of which is so important with city taxi driving. Nor as yet does the E7 have an automatic transmission.

With models available E7 S , E7 SE , E7 XS and E7 EVO. The Peugeot E7 SE costs  £26,945.00 on the road from Cab Direct Do you drive an E7? Please let us know your experiences! Until next time~ lets be safe out there!

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5 thoughts on “Buying a New Black Cab ~ Part 2”

  1. Thankfully we’ve entered the 20th century at last and finally got a modern cab we can rely on. The E7 also saves you a small fortune in fuel.

  2. Now that ive stopped yawning after reading the comments sorrounding the newly introduced E7 hackney cab, and the typically narrow minded views of hackney cab driver in Norwich i shall attempt to add my opinion.
    Unlike every other expert who yearns to be a top gear presenter, i could see past the obvious bread van jokes that swept through the city and thought that thousands of other drivers up and down the country cant be wrong when they chose the E7.
    People think that if it isnt used in london, then its not a “real” cab and shouldnt grace our streets.
    There are the traditionalists amongst us who cannot see past the fairway and tx models, but these people probably had the same opinion of the metrocab when first introduced way back when!
    Yes, i have driven every type of taxi available from the fairway to the metrocab series 1. 2. 3. and TTT to the Tx1 2 and 4.
    Every cab has its place but there was time for a change and that is exactly what the E7 offered.
    The E7 offers passenger and driver comfort second to none.
    The ease in which you can carry out a wheelchair job. where before you would be clambering around the boot of your TX dragging out dirty ramps, taking an age to asseemble before replacing back in the boot etc etc.
    My first wheelchair job involved pulling alongside the kerb, popping open the access flap, drawing out the ramp and hey presto! the passenger was in the cab and away before you could say “sorry madam but you cant face the front”
    For vertically challenged people, tou have the electrically operated side steps so access is not an issue.
    The smooth ride and quiet engine makes for a far more tolerable shift compared to any cab ive driven.
    The six speed gearbox on out of town work is pure joy and for anyone who says that the fuel consumption is not what we expected clearly have not driven one on shift and noticed the vast difference in economy, which currently stands at an everage of 38 mpg compared with 23 in the TX.
    “Turning circle” i hear you cry.
    Well i for one have not encountered one single occaision where i was cursing the lack of manouverability and for those who drove minibuses on private hire, shouldnt really have noticed the difference.
    The rear heaters are sublime, as are the front which is a godsend.
    The repair and servicing costs are no more than that of any other modern vechicle with the added bonus of having the choice of who repairs your cab.
    Anyway, its all down to personal choice, but the E7 offers an attractive alternative to what was a one cab market.
    So im now off to wash my Bread van and get ready for another shift in Norwich, “The mecca of the traditional taxi driver” (outside of LOndon of course)

  3. Great review! This is exactly the type of information that should be shared around the internet. Search engines should be ranking this blog post higher!

  4. I am a Norwich cab driver and have bought a E7 taxi (van)I have had it for a while and it is not suitable as a taxi.Apart from the many problems they have they are certainly not cheaper for the running costs.For example tyres only last around 20000 miles brake pads 5mins if your lucky I could go on.As for Cabs Direct(Crap Direct)They are useless as nothing out of the endless list of problems I have had they are not covered under warranty.Including a new engine.Be warned stay well clear.

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