A2B Taxis Norwich team up at Leicester City

On Tuesday 8th March some of the A2B Taxis Norwich drivers took a night of to support Norwich City in their push for promotion to the premiership,we traveled to Leicester City who is managed by former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson, it was a great day out, finished off by a 1st class performance & a 3-2 victory.

Norwich boss Paul Lambert hailed this performance as one of the best yet. With 10 games left this season dare we dream of premiership football again at Carrow Road? It would have an huge impact on the economy & the taxi trade in Norwich if we were promoted.

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  1. Well it`s only 24 hours before the next trip of the A2B unoffical Norwich City supporters club to Watford, and with only 6 games to go, it`s getting to be squeeky bum time with us sitting in 2nd place with only a one point cushion.
    I`m the adonis on the far right of the picture, this time around i`m 14 pounds lighter due to the sponsored diet that myself and Matty are on and not because iv`e lost my wallet!
    On a more serious note, after 19 years involved in the Norwich taxi business, we have, at last seen solidarity amongst the ranks and stood up to the powers at be, and some unscrupilous business people and have shown that we were not prepared to stand by and watch the general public pay for the taxi marshalling scheme via the totally unjust taxi meter installed on tombland.
    There were many flaws in this “easy option” plan which included the non participation of the local bars, pubs and clubs in the area, in the ticket redemption scheme in which with the exception of the mustard lounge, non others had been consulted despite advertising to the contrary.
    Maybe at last the Norwich Hackney Trade Association will be recognised as a body of people who will justly and legally represent their members, and not be seen to “roll over” by the autorities.
    Well done to those who had the time to put in more time and effort to the cause than others.
    “on the ball city”

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