St. Augustines Gyratory Success

Six months on after opening the £3.3 million scheme to bring relief to the traffic chaos at peak times has been hailed a success by taxi drivers in Norwich. Matt Fitzpatrick (pictured) said ” It has relieved traffic queues going out of the city with the one-way system, before you could be stuck for 5 – 10 minutes, our customers at A2B taxis Norwich appreciate the quicker journeys. I also live Aylsham road side of the city, so when her majesty calls I can get home promptly.” A success story & 3.3 million pounds well spent

Here is a short video of the proposed gyratory scheme in 2008 & as you can see has been built perfectly.

3 thoughts on “St. Augustines Gyratory Success”

  1. I would like to raise a few points regarding the completely made up comments about her majesty. Whilst I do agree that the new road layout does seem to be a success I would never publicly make any comments as to her majesty as it would need vetting by HM before release and I would be hung drawn and quartered without permission LOL

  2. Im interested in knowing just how you can secure public funding for such a scheme just to enable you to get home quicker once her majesty rings her little bell and calls you home to wipe the royal bottom?
    Is it not enough already that you do the weekly shop after shift on a Friday, spend hours every week doing the ironing,cooking and the house work whilst her majesty goes to the royal bingo hall and quaffs beer with the royal protection officers.
    I think its about time you pulled up your garters, stopped using the tradesman’s entrance at home and stamped your foot down.

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