Here comes Summer

Finally the warm weather seems to of arrived here in Norfolk, there is nothing better than a few beers or a glass of wine or two after work, but then you’ve got to get home ”I’ve only had a couple” I can hear you say but its hard to know how much alcohol you can consume & still stay under the legal limit.

We are all different & alcohol affects us all differently, your age, sex, metabolism, body weight, drinking on an empty stomach,  even if you’ve had a stressful day at work alcohol can affect you more than usual.

Is it worth the risk of being convicted of drink driving? A driving ban, fine & a criminal record, it may mean a job loss & can have an affect on travelling to other countries, loss of independence. I’m sure we all know the answer!

Enjoy the lovely weather,  stay safe & get a taxi home.

A2B Taxis Norwich

We provide a Norwich taxi service to those locally, across Norfolk and visitors to our fine city.

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